Terminal pins

Our Terminal Pins Division produces terminal pins that are used in tubular heating elements. We specialize in producing these terminal pins in high volumes with close tolerances. We currently supply a large majority of the heating element manufacturers in the Serbia, Bulgaria, Nort Macedonia Bosnia and Herzegovinia, and all around the Europe., and we also export throughout the world. Our commitment to zero rejects and 100% on-time delivery has enabled us to forge solid partnerships with our many terminal pin customers. ….
We use technical draw on our consumers demand to produce terminal pins. Also we can produce control terminal pins for very large contigents on costumers demands. Each individual terminal pin order is manufactured using our specially designed Instant Heat process control chart. Graphs on these charts allow us to control and document critical dimensions for our customers during the actual manufacturing process. ….
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terminal pin pin for tuber heaters

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The use of the special Combination or Universal style pins significantly reduces the number of different pins a customer must stock. ….

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